CoinAfric Services

Our Supported Services.

Coinafric simplifies financial transactions for businesses, freelancers, and individuals. Transact effortlessly with our comprehensive digital solutions.

Send Money

You can send money to other CoinAfric account holders for free, whether they are businesses, freelancers, or individuals in any African country.

Receive Money

You can receive payments into your CoinAfrique wallet account from anywhere in the world.


Send money to your loved ones effortlessly. Our major sending corridors include the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, making supporting your family and friends back home easier. Whether you're abroad or within Africa, CoinAfric is your go-to platform.

Bill Payments

Pay your bills from anywhere in the world with Coinafric. Our platform makes it easy to manage and settle your bills, no matter where you are. Stay connected and stress-free with our global bill payment service.

Mobile TopUp

Coinafric's international mobile top-up service allows you to instantly top up your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Enjoy uninterrupted communication with our fast and reliable service.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Open USD, Euro, or GBP accounts with IBAN numbers. Manage your finances in multiple currencies and take advantage of global opportunities.

Virtual Credit Card

Experience the convenience of Coinafric's virtual credit cards. Shop online securely and manage your spending effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility and safety of virtual transactions with Coinafric.

Cross-Border Payments

Simplify your international transactions with Coinafric. We enable businesses, freelancers, and traders to send and receive payments seamlessly within Africa and with major global trading partners.